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Our deep commitment to ethical practices made it eco-friendly to the planet. What this means to you as a customer is the assurance that our diamonds are authentic and properly represented. All of us at New Diamond Sky Lab Grown treasure way of conducting business.

The happiness and edification of our customers combined with the outstanding quality and reputation of our diamonds will always top our list of ambitions.


Our Lab Grown Diamonds are eco-friendly to the planet, conflict-free, and sustainable. Since lab grown diamonds don't undermine the sustainability of our environment, future generations are able to have the natural resources they need.


A Unique expression of your love is more important than anything else. Evidence from our past research and insights from an exploratory investigation are combined in a conceptual model that defines and relates perceived quality, and perceived value. Our diamonds provide you with significant savings when compared to others.


We let the beauty of what we love be what we do. Our diamonds are brought to life in a high-tech, cutting edge chemical vapor depository laboratory. Beauty brought to life through technology that stimulated the same conditions that earth mined diamonds are born in.